Auspicious ‘Pen Cai’ Set

$398/set/套 ($425.86 incl. 7% GST)

Serves 8 - 10 persons
8 - 10 位用

Auspicious ‘Pen Cai’ Set 鸿运盆菜套餐

Serves 8 - 10 persons/ 位用

Auspicious ‘Pen Cai’ Set 鸿运盆菜套餐

Bellygood Treasure Pot (‘Pen Cai’) - 10-head Abalone, Dried Oyster, Herbal Chicken, Prawn, Dried Chinese Mushroom, Beancurd Puff, Smoked Duck, Lotus Root, Chinese Cabbage, ‘Fatt Choy’, Chestnut, Yam and 'Bai Ling’ Mushroom
Bellygood 聚宝盆菜 - 10头鲍鱼、蚝市、,药材富贵鸡、美人虾、花菇、豆根、熏鸭、莲藕、大白菜、发菜、栗子、芋头和百灵菇

Glutinous Rice with Chicken Sausage, Dried Shrimp and Mushroom

Osmanthus Jelly Cocktail with Apricot



Terms & Conditions 期限及条件:

  Early Bird Special - Complimentary Prosperity “Yu Sheng” with Smoked Salmon worth $68 for bookings placed before 20th January 2020. 早购特惠 - 在2020年1月20日前预订, 可免费赠送丰收熏三文鱼鱼生价值$68。
  UOB Cards Special - $100 off total bill with a minimum spend of $400 for payment by any UOB Credit or Debit Card. 大华银行卡特惠 - 以大华银行信用卡付款, 可享受$100折扣优惠, 最低消费$400起。
  Food packed in microwaveable containers. Full set of biodegradable disposable wares. 食品包装盒可用于微波炉加热。全套一次性可生物降解餐具。
  Transportation charge of $35 per delivery. 每趟运费$35。
  Full amount will be charged upon confirmation to secure the order. 确认供餐后即付全款。
  Payment by Cash/ NETS/ Corporate Cheque/ Credit Card only. No credit terms will be provided. 餐款限用现金/ NETS/ 公司支票/信用卡支付。不得赊账。
  Orders must be confirmed at least 3 working days prior to event date and no changes will be allowed thereafter. 订餐必须在餐会举办的至少3个工作日前确认,不得更改。
  Gross bill will be subjected to applicable government taxes. 餐费额外加收政府税。
  We reserve the rights to replace any of the menu items with another of equivalent value if it is unavailable due to seasonality. 如因季节性等原因断货,本公司有权将菜单中菜品换成另外等值菜品。

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